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For many years this secretion has been used as a healing ritual in the Amazon it’s known as “the vaccine of the jungle”.

Goddess Experience

Over the course of the treatment, you will be transported by sound, smell and touch. A massage like no other you will of experienced.

Energy Healing

I tailor the healing experience for each individual and can incorporate Reiki, Spiritual healing & Angelic healing.


Introduce a deep feeling of calm and relaxation which prompts a release of endorphins that produce feelings of wellbeing.


A bit about me

I was born in a mining town in Nottinghamshire in the '70s. Life was very different back then, no one had ever heard of alternative therapies where I came from. In fact, having a massage was something alien to the people where I lived.

I was all set to join the Navy and “see the world “ but the universe had other plans for me. Just a week before I was due to go I had a life-changing accident breaking my neck, my arm and my wrist. The doctors were convinced I may never walk again. However, 2 months later I came off traction and was able to walk.

This accident changed the course of my life knowing that the body is capable of amazing things. I realised that the power of positive thought is monumental in not only survival but also to thriving...

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